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We are committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the community where he has placed us – in Matthews, NC, and the surrounding region. We desire to see his gracious reign bring gospel transformation to our families, neighborhoods and community.

We are committed to the teaching of the Bible. The word "orthodox" simply means "straight teaching." We desire to know, love, and obey the truth found in Jesus Christ.

We are committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ in connection with other congregations. The word "Presbyterian" refers to leadership by elders whom the Lord has selected to oversee his church. We desire to humbly submit ourselves to one another in love.

We are committed to being a people of faith united in Jesus Christ, joined together by the work of the Holy Spirit and by His covenant promises. We desire to see Christ's kingdom grow as more people are called to join His church.

For more information about our denomination, you may click here:   The OPC.